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Remy Bumppo Theatre

Written by: Nilo Cruz
Directed by: Laura Alcala Baker
Scenery: Lauren M. Nichols
Costumes: Gregory Graham 
Lighting: Claire Sangster
Sound Design: Peter Clare 
Props: Rowan Doe 
TD: Harrison Ornelas
Scenic Charge: Emily Altman 
Violence and Intimacy Designer:
Micah Figueroa 
Music Director: J. Sebastian Fabál
Movement Designer: Rigo Saura

3D Model:
"Smoothly directed by Laura Alcalá Baker ,on a wonderful set designed by  Lauren Nichols, we are in Ybor City in Tampa, a Cuban community."
-Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

"Lauren M. Nichols’ excellent scenic design works well with the action and provides a moody atmosphere, complete with movable furnishings and an overhead skylight. "
- Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre and Concert Reviews

"ANNA IN THE TROPICS has a lot going for it, including Lauren M. Nichols’ dynamic set design. "
-Katy Walsh, The Fourth Walsh

"Lights are by Claire Sangster, props are effectively designed by Rowan Doe, and Lauren Nichols provides impressive scenic design."
-Rikki Lee Travolta,  The Life and Times

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