LAUREN M. NICHOLS I p: 630-965-0027 e: laurenangeldesigns@gmail.comlaurenangeldesign@gmail.com

Chicago born and bred set designer Lauren M. Nichols stems from a traditional fine-arts background.

She originally found theatre as a way to expand her artistic abilities way back in middle school and then continued her training in a performing arts high school. Afterwards she spent two years studying painting and interior architecture at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and then transferred to complete her BFA at The Theatre School of DePaul University relighting her passion for entertainment art. Shortly after college she entered the world of Chicago storefront and since then has worked on over 25 productions in small spaces around the city.

Lauren spent 5 years as a free-lance designer and painter before returning to school to further her education.

In 2017 she completed her studies at Northwestern University's Graduate School and earned her MFA in set and costume design.


2019 marks the year she has now built a portfolio of over 50 productions.

Her work follows essentialist practices, but you will not find a design where she has not gone over every last component with attention to detail. She enjoys creating a world where the audience feels like they share the environment of the characters, but prefers focusing on strong gestures rather than overworked spaces.

While spreading her energy among the hectic world of freelance life, she also works full time as a scale model-maker, draftsperson, and studio assistant to both Andrew Boyce and Collette Pollard.

Upcoming projects include productions with Firebrand, and Harper College.

"In a world where you can be anything, be yourself; your best self."