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BoHo Theatre
at The Greenhouse - Chicago

Written by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell
Directed by: Ericka Mac

Scenery by: Lauren M. Nichols
Lights by: G Max Maxin
Costumes: Robert Kuhn

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 3.01.40 AM.png
"Lauren M. Nichols’ transformative set aligns with the show’s rhythmic qualities. Between the sliding of walls and the chorus of the live band, scene changes feel natural. Moments that would pull the audience from the action are nowhere to be found. The interplay of Nichols’ set, the band, G. Max Maxin IV’s lighting and projections and Joseph Palermo’s sound creates smooth movement from scene to scene. The opportunity to witness these intricate details on their own is enough to recommend “Bright Star.”

-Amanda Finn, New City Stage
"Ericka Mac directs all of this with a deft hand, keeping scenes alive during changes so that the whole show is practically seamless and choreographing the dance sequences with great imagination. She is aided by a simple but clever set design by Lauren M. Nichols..."

-Karen Topham, Windy City Times

"With a simple, rustic scenic design, by Lauren M. Nichols, and homespun, period costumes, designed by Robert S. Kuhn, this charming musical provides a sweet, warm, wonderful story to Chicago audiences to herald in the Spring."

-Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review
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