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CarolineorChange-2 (1).jpg
Firebrand Theatre
The Heath Stage at The Den Theatre

Written by Tony Kushner
Music by Jeanine Tesori

Directed by: Lili-Anne Brown

Scenery by: Lauren M. Nichols
Costumes by: Kotryna Hilko
Lighting by: Cat Wilson

..."the set from Lauren Nichols that puts everyone in their own remote spaces — quite beautifully in the symbolic realm...
-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Scenic Designer Lauren Nichols has created an expansive and thoughtful set. By utilizing several wooden slats she has built a multi-level playing area. The lowest level is Caroline’s laundry room in the Gellman home, reinforcing the fact that Caroline is at the bottom of the social strata and that she feels underwater all of the time."
-Jeffrey Leibham, Around the Town Chicago

 "The simplicity of the set lets these many human and non-human relationships flourish onstage. Designed to look like a split-level house of rustic wood and brick, there is still ample opportunity for beauty, as in a scene where Tyler Symone – playing the moon in a silken cape of milk white and star-studded navy – is enveloped in starlight and moonglow; a perfect marriage of Lauren Nichol’s scenic design, Cat Wilson’s lighting design and Kotryna Hilko’s costume design.
"Given the current disenfranchisement of female voices in D.C., it’s refreshing and incredibly empowering to see an almost all-female cast and production team absolutely own the stage and assert their right to create incredible art."
Jane Recker,

 "Brown’s design team (Cat Wilson on lights, Victoria Dioirio on sound, and Lauren Nichols on scenic design) provides her with solid technical support.." 
-Karen Topham,

 "Lauren Nichols contrasting set of rooms above the basement works well with audience on two sides in the Den Theater’s Heath Stage."
-Ed Tracy, Picks In Six

"The lobby display’s sensory overload is swept aside once I turn the corner and see the moon. The clarity of Lauren Nichols’ scenic design is striking. In corner-stage orientation, the household is nestled and sliced open. The wood paneling and well-worn detail promote a warmth in this Louisiana household. Cat Wilson’s clever lighting design is incorporated into the set, sewn into costuming, and paired with props. Fairy lights peek through the panels of the wall and through the dress of a personified moon to create a seamless wall of stars."
-Sieraa Carlson, Rescripted

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