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Shattered Globe at Theatre Wit

Written by: Mashuq Mushtaq Deen 
Directed by: Kenneth Prestinizi

Scenery: Lauren M. Nichols

Lights: Jared Gooding
Costumes: Yvonne L. Miranda
Sound: Danny Rockett
Projections: Smooch Medina
Props: Jamie Auer
SM: Tina M. Jach
Photos: Liz Lauren

3D Model:

"Lauren Nichols scenic design is sleek and sitcom perfect."

-Colin Douglas , Chicago Theatre and Concert Reviews

"As the lights come up we see a living room setting in classic mid century modern style - very nicely done by Lauren Nichols."
                                                      - Bill Esler , Buzz Center Stage

"Lauren Nichols’ scenic design perfectly represents a mid-century living room."
                                        -Nancy S. Bishop, Third Coast Review

"Complimented by a well-crafted set by Lauren Nichols, the action could well be from a 1950’s or 60’s family sitcom – the kind about married couples and their kids. It’s a set that could fit in a collection with the likes of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” or “I Love Lucy.”
                                               -Rikki Lee Travolta, Life and Times

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