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Renaissance Theaterworks at Next Act
Milwaukee, WI

Directed by: Elizabeth Margolius
Scenery: Lauren Nichols
Lights: Noele Stollmack
Projections: John Medina

Costumes: Jazmin Aurora Medina
Sound: Josh Schmidt


The Milwaukee production is under the direction of Elizabeth Margolis, who effortlessly guides Reiter through her 85-minute appearance. Reiter’s words are enhanced by subtle lighting effects (by Noele Stollmack) and interspersed with images of Kennedy photos throughout their lives (projections by John Medina). The stage itself consists of not only Rose’s living room, but edges outward to become the pier beyond their home (set design by Lauren Nichols). Tying it all together is the original music by Milwaukee composer Josh Schmidt.

Taken together, these elements promise a very satisfying evening of theater. This may be Linda Reiter’s first show in Milwaukee, but let’s hope it isn’t her last. With Rose, Renaissance audiences can expect not only a gift of wrapped chocolates after every show (and a celebratory drink on wine Wednesdays), but also a terrific end to the company’s 29th season.


This spring's not to be missed show."

-Anne Seigel, Third Coast Review

"There’s a cozy feel about the stage as Linda Reiter begins to inhabit the space. There’s a silent strength about her as the presence of Rose Kennedy filters-in around the edges of the script in Renaissance Theaterworks’ staging of Rose. Director Elizabeth Margolius has worked with Reiter to finesse an intricate portrayal of a woman with an historical presence which is far larger than the general public’s overall knowledge of her. The intimacy of the venue blends with the immensity of history in Scenic Designer Lauren Nichols’ use of a grand surrounding darkness and larger-than life projections of the Kennedy family in the background."

- Russ Bickerstaff, Sheperd Express

"Rose takes place in a mythical vision of her Hyannis Port home where a settee rests amid boardwalks for Rose to stroll, as transparent scrim panels display old photos of the family at convenient moments plus images of fire and the sea."

- Dominique Paul Roth, Urban Milwaukee

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