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Raven Theatre

Written by: Joshua Allen    *World Premiere
Directed by:Jerrell L. Henderson
Scenery: Lauren M.Nichols
Lights: Jared Gooding
Costumes: Gregory Graham
Sound: Stefanie M. Senior
Props: Lily Anna Bergman
Scenic Art: Tea Christine Roberts
Construction: Northlight Scene Shop
PM: Lucy Whipp
SM: Rita Vreeland
Photos:  Michael Brosilow


"I absolutely adored the scenic design by Lauren M. Nichols, who has recreated an early 20th century house with olive green walls, a lovely fireplace, a front door with stained glass, and ample woodwork, including crown moldings, a wooden staircase, and a beautiful wooden floor. Prop designer Lily Anna Berman has added all the right touches, including heavy brocade drapes in burgundy and vintage mahogany furniture, including a Victrola and a grandfather clock, plus personal photographs along the staircase."

- Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago
" Special kudos for the scenic design (created by Lauren M. Nichols and built by the Northlight Theatre Scene Shop). It’s a beautiful view of a grand old Chicago home, with oak woodwork and furniture and what appears to be a vintage floor model Victrola. The design works well on Raven’s wide main-stage."
- Nancy S. Bishop, Third Coast Review
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